Leadership Team

A message from the CEO


Welcome to our hospital! At Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, every caregiver is devoted to providing safe, high-quality healthcare with compassion for your unique needs. In order to meet this commitment, you can expect us to:

  • Check on you approximately every hour. We do this for your safety and because it gives you the opportunity to let us assist you to the restroom, reposition you in the bed for your comfort, address your pain control needs, and provide any other care you may need.
  • Conduct report at your bedside, in your presence, at each shift change. This allows us to keep you better informed about the care we are providing, medications, tests, and your overall progress; and, to introduce you to the oncoming nurse. We encourage patients and their loved ones to be part of the healthcare team, but if you are uncomfortable about information being discussed at your bedside, please let the nurse know and other arrangements will be made.
  • Display the names of your care team and contact information on your “care board” at each shift. Additional information specific to your care plan will be posted as well.

If you have questions or concerns about your care or safety, please talk to any member of our hospital staff. The Department Director or Nurse Manager will also routinely visit with you during your stay with us. We are continually striving to improve our services. Should you find our service anything less than excellent, please let us know how we can better meet your needs.

Caring for you is a privilege we take very seriously. Thank you for choosing our hospital for your healthcare needs.

Most Sincerely,

Clay Farell

Clay Farell
  • Chief Executive Officer
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C. J. (Collin Jensen) Lee, MBA
  • Chief Strategy Officer
Photo of C. J. (Collin Jensen) Lee, MBA
Mark D. Fisher, SPHR, MSHR, MSHCA
  • Group Chief Human Resources Officer
Photo of Mark D. Fisher, SPHR, MSHR, MSHCA
Jessica Hanly, MBA
  • Chief Financial Officer
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Paulette Heitmeyer, RN, MSN
  • Chief Nursing Officer
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Rosa Chiacchierarelli
  • Hospital Compliance Officer
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