Physician Relations & Business Development

Successful long-term relationships with our physicians

Our Business Development Team at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center is available to make access to our hospital services easy. Fountain Valley is dedicated to building and maintaining successful, long-term relationships with you. 

You'll be able to take advantage of our advanced technologies and comprehensive medical services located on our 35-acre campus, one of the largest in Orange County. Our Business Development Team is ready to: 

  • Serve as your convenient, single-contact person for any of your questions
  • Give you information on marketing opportunities to the community
  • Provide you and your staff with information regarding services, managed care and insurance plans
  • Troubleshoot problems and communicate your needs directly to the appropriate individual or team within our hospital 

Following is contact information for the members of our team: 

Lisa Wilson, Chief Business Development Officer
(714) 966-8184 

Kim Christensen, Physician Recruitment
(714) 966-8058 

Monica Maddox, Physician Relations Manager
(714) 513-5511 

Jennifer Nguyen, Physician Relations Manager
(714) 966-8174 

Cammy West, Physician Relations Manager
(714) 966-8150 

Dina Edwards, Manager, Marketing & Communications
(714) 966-8175 

Christine Nguyen, Marketing Coordinator
(714) 966-8146 

Vanessa Nguyen, Community Outreach Liaison
(714) 487-8533