Your Visit

Resources for your hospital visit

Any hospital visit has some anxiety attached to it. But you can reduce that anxiety by making sure you know how to prepare for your stay at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center.

We want to do our part by offering resources to make that preparation easier for you.

Here, you’ll find out what to expect during your stay — from your pre-op consultation to your post-op follow-up appointments. You’ll also find practical information, such as what to bring — and what not to bring — with you; what your rights and responsibilities are during your stay; and what legal decisions you may want to make in advance of your hospitalization.

If you have additional questions about your visit, please call (855) 946-3604.

Before your visit to Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, review this checklist and take advantage of answers to patients’ most common questions.
Packing a bag for your hospital stay? Learn what you’ll need and what you should leave at home.
Know your rights and responsibilities as a patient at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital.
Be prepared for all scenarios. See questions to ask, and review advance directives and DNR directives.
Share how Fountain Valley Regional Hospital made a difference for you during your stay with us.