Treatments & Procedures

The physicians and specialists at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center are dedicated to providing you with individualized wound care treatment plans to get you on the road to recovery. We take great pride in making sure we offer the best treatments and procedures for all chronic wound conditions, including hyperbaric oxygen treatment and rehabilitation. Below are common treatments for chronic wounds that we may see.

Adjunct hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Adjunctive hyperbaric oxygen therapy uses high-pressure oxygen in order to promote the healing of wounds. Adjunctive hyperbaric oxygen therapy is currently used for crush injuries, decompression sickness, foot ulcers and thermal burns.

Lower extremity edema control

Lower extremity edema is caused by fluid buildup in the legs, which may be the result of chronic disease, pregnancy, injury or the use of certain medications. Lower extremity edema control focuses on treating the cause of the fluid buildup.

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