Shoulder Care

Advanced shoulder care

Your shoulder pain may limit your ability to work, play, and enjoy activities. At Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center, our team of experts is ready to get you back to your daily life by reducing or eliminating your pain and stiffness. We offer: 

  • Advanced diagnostic imaging to diagnose the problem
  • Medical and surgical treatments for injuries and conditions
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation program 

Often, shoulder pain and conditions are caused by overuse. At Fountain Valley, we give you access to the technology and medical team you need to restore shoulder function. 

Treatment usually begins with pain management, rehabilitation and physical therapy. Using advanced imaging technology, our physicians can provide an accurate diagnosis to develop a customized treatment plan for you. If you do require surgery, we have experts who can help restore your shoulder.
Information is crucial. Learn about the variety of conditions of the shoulders that we may treat.
Get an accurate diagnosis so you can get the right treatment for your shoulder.
We provide individualized treatment plans for your shoulder. See how we can get you back to your life.