Hybrid OR

Room for variety of procedures

The Hybrid operating room at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center is designed for complex yet less invasive heart and blood vessel treatments. From this single suite outfitted with the latest in technology, multidisciplinary medical teams work together to perform both traditional open surgeries and minimally invasive procedures, such as repairing defective heart valves or aneurysms.

The suite houses a GE Discovery digital imaging system mounted on a mobile gantry that moves along predefined pathways, guided by laser. With the touch of a few buttons, a doctor can move the system to the table to take pictures of the patient’s anatomy, and then move it out of the way to give the physicians, nurses, technologists, anesthesiologists and other personnel plenty of room for surgery.

The Hybrid OR eliminates the need to transfer the patient between procedures, reducing the risk of procedural complications, infections and OR time.

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