Digestive Disorders

Digestive disorders can be uncomfortable, painful and frustrating, but help is available at The Center for Digestive Diseases at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center. We will diagnose and treat you with the goal of alleviating your discomfort. We provide:

  • Treatment for adult and pediatric patients for conditions such as chronic heartburn, swallowing difficulties, cancer, upper and lower-GI tract disorders and more
  • A team of physicians and staff members specializing in digestive disorders
  • A full range of endoscopy procedures in an outpatient setting when an overnight hospital stay is not required
  • Diagnostic evaluations including EGD/upper GI endoscopy,  colonoscopy,  sigmoidoscopy,  24-hour ambulatory PH studies,  esophageal manometry,  ERCP, Linx® Reflux Management System  

With comprehensive digestive services and personalized care, we’re here for you. Your digestive disorder doesn’t have to interrupt your daily activities. Get back to enjoying life.

Call (855) 226-3744 or use our Find a Physician tool to be connected to the right specialist who can answer your questions.

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