Labor & Delivery Services

Making your birth experience as comfortable and easy as possible

Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center’s maternity facilities offer you high-quality childbirth amenities. Our level III unit includes 14 beds and 8 labor, delivery and recovery rooms. We can easily accommodate mothers with high-risk pregnancies and other individual needs. Anesthesiologists and neonatologists are here around the clock. We provide rooms for cesarean section births and a post-anesthesia recovery unit (PACU) for an easier transition. After the birth, mother and child are moved to one of our comfortable 38 post-partum rooms.

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Couplet care

After your baby is born, we offer couplet care, where one nurse is there to care for both of you in your private room. This family-centered approach has been shown to help both the mother and child thrive and promotes bonding. Rather than swooping the baby away to another area of the hospital, all the typical newborn events, like bathing and weighing will happen in the comfort of your room.

Lactation consultation

We realize breastfeeding is a personal decision and are here to help support you at Fountain Valley. A fulltime lactation consultant is available to answer breastfeeding questions and offer techniques for success after your baby is born.

Breastfeeding is a personal decision, and we support whatever choice you make. We recommend that expectant mothers discuss breastfeeding with a physician, nurse or certified lactation consultant before the arrival of their babies. Your assessment and individualized guidance will be given in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s important you receive the support you need so that you are successful, and that you feel comfortable with your choice. You will want to gain as much knowledge as possible about breastfeeding while inside the hospital.

Choosing a Physician for You & Your Baby

Finding the right doctor to care for you during pregnancy is important. It is a long nine months, with many doctor appointments. You want to feel comfortable and trust your maternity physician. Choosing a pediatrician is another important step in the maternity care process. Your baby’s doctor will see your child from the first day of life forward. You want to choose a pediatrician you trust well before you due date since the doctor will visit your baby in the hospital.

To find the obstetrician and pediatrician who are right for you and your baby. Fill out the form on this page to get started.

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